Frequently Asked Questions

What is TVO ILC?

TVO ILC is the Ontario Ministry of Education’s designated partner in distance education and Ontario’s largest high school. We serve 20,000 students annually, providing the opportunity to independently earn online high school credits or a full Ontario Secondary School Diploma in support of educational, career and life goals.

What is the TVO ILC Open House?

This Open House is part of TVO’s effort to support Learn at Home education during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are making the content of our courses publicly available to Ontarians so students can independently study at home. The Open House is not for credit. Students do not need to enroll or pay to take a course. Simply visit the website, choose site content, and start studying.

Is the Open House free?

Yes. There is no cost to study from TVO ILC Open House courses. The site content has been made public. Those who visit are not registering as students of TVO ILC.

What device do I need to access this Open House?

You can access the TVO ILC Open House website on all modern browsers and devices; however, the course content requires larger screens for proper viewing. This means that you need to visit by computer or tablet. The Open House will not work on your mobile phone.

What can you tell me about the TVO ILC Open House courses?

TVO ILC online high school courses are developed by a specialized team of education, pedagogic and media professionals to support the Ontario Curriculum and maximize learning. The English and French courses support all educational pathways. They are designed for independent study. Students will not have access to the final assignments or final exams.

How many courses are available for study?

144 courses in either English or French.

What grades are covered?

Grades 9-12.

What if my course isn’t available?

TVO ILC courses cover all educational pathways in both English and French. While we have made available our entire catalogue of courses for this Open House, we recognize that there are courses that may not match what is taught in your school. If you cannot find a course that matches your need, please visit the Ministry's Learn at Home portal to learn about other study options.

Is the TVO ILC Open House for Credit?

No, the TVO ILC Open House is not for credit. We are offering free access to help students keep up with their learning and to boost understanding of several important subjects.

Are TVO ILC Open House courses available for credit?

Yes, students can enroll in TVO ILC if they would like to study for credit. Students enrolled in a publicly funded Ontario high school can enroll for free by registering through their school (usually with the support of their guidance counselor). All other Ontario students can take a course for $40 and register directly by visiting

When will this Open House end? For how long will I have access to this Open House and the content of the courses?

It is our intention to offer this free Open House until at least the end of the school year. Any decision or update to extend beyond that time will be shared here.

Are Open House courses AODA-compliant?

Courses have been created to meet the accessibility needs of students according to the AODA.

For optimal compatibility when accessing courses on a Windows PC, please use Google Chrome and ensure that you have JAWS screen reader version 2018.1808.10 installed.

If you are visiting with a Mac, please follow this support link to learn how to set up JAWs on you device for free.

How do I use this Open House site?

If you are having difficulty using the site, please refer to this help guide to get the most from your experience

Can I join the TVO ILC Open House from outside of Ontario?

No. The TVO ILC Open House is only for those who live in Ontario.

What if I have other questions about the TVO ILC Open House?

Please email us at