We’re Ontario’s Largest Online High School for a Reason.

At TVO ILC, you will experience the best of both worlds: the independence and flexibility you want from an online education, and the personalized support you expect from a traditional high school. You will also benefit from the talents of our unique curriculum team—education and media professionals working together to design interactive courses that make learning a fun, enriching experience.


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Our Approach to Distance Education

Affordable, high quality education

The Ontario Ministry of Education’s digital learning partner, TVO ILC is a non-profit provider of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma and high school credits. Our non-profit status means that Ontario residents can register for a TVO ILC course for just $40, compared with other private online high schools that charge $400 or more. We also offer competitive rates for students from outside of Ontario and Canada.

Flexible, 24/7 Learning

With TVO ILC, there are no set semesters or classes, so you can enroll and study whenever and wherever you choose—24 hours a day, seven days a week—with up to 10 months to complete each course. We design our courses based on 110 hours of instruction, however, if you need more time (or less), we will work with you to accommodate your schedule.

Independent, but not alone

Our subject-specific educators and teacher-markers ensure you receive the highest quality online education. All Ontario Certified Teachers (OCTs) with classroom experience, they help you clarify content, provide extra resources, and ensure you learn from your evaluated assignments. In addition, our OCT guidance counsellors work with you to develop course completion plans unique to your needs, help you identify your interests and strengths, and steer you along your pathway to university or college.

Our Courses

100+ Expert-designed courses

TVO ILC courses adhere to Ontario Ministry of Education requirements and cover all pathways to graduation. From math and science, to business studies and the arts, all courses are offered in English and French, and are designed by highly experienced OCT subject-matter experts and writers. These educators know the key challenges students face with each course and design the material with those obstacles in mind, helping you progress with confidence.

Interactive, engaging content

Through the virtual labs, simulations, videos and interactive activities developed by our unique team of academics and video/digital production specialists, you’ll be deeply engaged in your learning. You’ll also advance your knowledge of digital tools, with opportunities to submit your work in formats like voice and video recordings, blogs, slides and more.

Student Focused

SKILLS What really guides us when developing our courses is the goal that when our students complete a course, we want to obviously make sure that they’ve met the expectations needed to obtain the credit, but we also want to make sure that we are teaching our students the necessary skills to meet their current and future academic goals and to equip them to succeed on their post-secondary education pathway. Our content is designed with your preferences in mind.

Our partners across the globe

TVO ILC is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, but our courses serve students in over 95 countries.