How To Use The TVO ILC Open House Site

Upon entering the site via computer or tablet, students land on the “Course Open House” page and are greeted with an introduction to the Open House and an explanation of what they will find on the site.

Course Open House › Explore Courses

Students can then scroll down this same “Course Open House” page to explore the full TVO ILC course catalogue. Courses listed in the Explore Courses section offer all lessons to students without the need to login or register with TVO ILC.

Search Courses

Students can then find a course of interest through the course catalogue’s advanced search function, searching via freeform text or by filtering by Language of Study, Grade, Subject or Course Type. As an example, below a student has searched for Mathematics courses by filtering by Subject.

Selecting a Course

Once students have found a course of interest to study, they can click on the appropriate course within the catalogue. As an example, circled below is the course a student selects to study Foundations for College Mathematics (MAP4C).

Course Study Page

Once students have selected a course they will enter a course study page that introduces the course content. Course study pages begin with an introduction of the course, inclusive of Title, Grade, Credit Value (if taking for credit, not applicable for Open House courses), Course Type, and description of the learning objectives. This is followed by the Course Preview further down the page.

Course Study Page › Course Preview

The course preview is found by scrolling down a Course Study page; and it offers all course Units and Lessons to study from. Units and Lessons can be opened and closed as students progress through the course. These lessons load upon request to save on student data usage. As an example, below is the Foundations for College Mathematics (MAP4C) course as it appears upon first visit.

Figure 1: Unit 1 - Lesson 1 Open

Figure 2: Unit 2 - Lesson 3 Open

Lesson Experience

Each lesson is designed for best use of desktop and tablet real estate – students scroll or click through Minds On, Action and Consolidation learning sections of the lesson in a view similar to the following: